Employment – Administrative Assistant


Position Title: Administrative Assistant

Reports to: Head of School

Purpose of Position: To coordinate the CMS Office

Basic Requirements of this Position:

  1. Possess post-high school training in accounting and office management skills
  2. Possess proven experience beyond simple data entry with the usage of appropriate computer software applications, (e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Publisher, or Google Workspace equivalent and WordPress or similar website maintenance software)
  3. Proven interpersonal and communication skills

Job Description

Major responsibilities, essential functions and regular activities:

  • Assist the Head of School with the overall operations of the school.
  • Assist the Head of School to prepare for all CMS Board of Directors regular and committee meetings.
  • Attend all regular meetings of the CMS Board of Directors, prepare appropriate monthly reports, assist with agenda preparation, maintain recordings and prepare the official minutes, and ensure compliance with the Minnesota Open Meeting law.
  • To work closely with the Head of School on all fiscal management issues including but not limited to: budget, bill paying, payroll information, money collection and deposits, entering EDRS data and information into the Student & Financial Information System for submission to MDE, collect information necessary from Special Education staff members, etc.
  • Ensure that all financial transactions are entered in accordance with UFARS and are backed up by appropriate purchase orders and receipts.
  • Coordinate all purchase requests, prepare purchase orders, and assist with the placement of purchases of approved items.
  • Support the Health Office (as needed) – dispense medication to students, as needed.  
  • Take care of health concerns: ice packs, band aids, inhalers, diabetic monitoring, etc.
  • Attend health meetings and training sessions, keep up CPR and First Aid Certification annually.
  • Coordinate Public Relations efforts – disseminate information about school and facilitate tours to parents and other interested individuals, create and place advertisements, press releases, etc. as needed.
  • Coordinate all MDE required reporting of Student and staff data, using CMS Information Systems and software, perform all MDE submissions, being aware of deadlines, be contact person at M DE for these components.
  • Ensure that daily postal deliveries and communications are placed into appropriate staff mailboxes. 
  • Collect and maintain a daily written record of all student absences and tardies, enter all absences and tardies into the Student Information System, complete the daily absentee report.  
  • Ensure that every student’s absence has been either pre-arranged or verified by telephone call to the custodial parent or guardian prior to the end of the current day.  
  • Coordinate registration/enrollment process annually, including pre-Kindergarten and kindergarten registration paperwork; communicate with new families regarding necessary registration papers, collect and file all forms, be contact person, assist at annual Pre-K & Kindergarten open house.
  • Prepare communications for families:  Family Updates, Field Trips, and other permission slips, information letters, etc. as directed by the Head of School.  
  • Be the school contact person for PTO and volunteer coordination, create and distribute monthly volunteer calendars.
  • Be the school liaison with transportation provider(s); fill out requisitions as needed and submit requisitions in a timely fashion.
  • Honor confidentiality of all records and information of students, parents, staff, etc. 
  • Act as a liaison to copier lease company, order supplies and repair services as needed, know operation of copier/fax and train other staff members, and troubleshoot problems if possible.
  • Make reservations for special events.
  • Assist the Head of School with the maintenance of personnel files for all staff members, including, but not limited to, paid time off, sick leave, parental leave, personal leave, etc. 
  • Ensure that proper paperwork is completed in a timely fashion, signed, and filed.
  • Support and be a part of the Administrative Team as far as relationship with Authorizer; be knowledgeable in areas of Authorizer agreement, contracts, service agreements, etc. 
  • Have a working knowledge of computer systems needed in day-to-day operations – student data management system, EDFi, MARSS, STAR, EDRS, etc.  Be willing to learn new technology as needed.
  • Coordinate inventory control system throughout the building annually; add new items as purchased or acquired.

Other significant responsibilities:  

  • Contribute to a healthy learning environment by modeling behavior expectations for social interactions.
  • Participate in appropriate workshops, in-service training, staff development opportunities, staff meetings, and serve on appropriate committees, as directed by the Head of School, and attend special events.  
  • Facilitate appropriate student supervision and guidance as assigned or needed in the school.
  • Maintain appropriate communication with all stakeholders/constituencies, i.e. Head of School(s), Board of Directors, parents of students, other staff members, school district personnel, community members who have rights and responsibilities to know about the school program and maintain a sense of trust and security.
  • Understand and fulfill all aspects of school policies and procedures as outlined in the CMS Policy book.
  • Avail oneself of technology opportunities for skill advancement.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Head of School.


To apply for the Administrative Assistant position, please complete the form in the link below. You’ll be asked to include a copy of your résumé at the end of this form. Thank you for your interest.

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Disclaimer: This position description is intended to describe the major responsibilities of the position. Conditions may exist that are not addressed.  The supervisor has the right and responsibility to assign different duties as are needed to ensure the purpose of the position is addressed completely.