Employment – Classroom Teacher


Position Title: Classroom Teacher (Learner Guide)

Reports to: Head of School

Purpose of Position: To provide a warm, nurturing, safe and loving classroom environment where the student’s self-concept is enhanced, independence is encouraged, and individuality is respected in accordance with CSM’s mission and vision, philosophy, and Montessori method. To meet the emotional, physical, academic, and social needs of both the individual and the group in the following areas: knowledge of Montessori materials, classroom environment development, communication with students, staff and parents, and professionalism. To assist in the training of interns, parent volunteers, and other staff (i.e., Co-Teacher or Assistant) in the Montessori method and philosophy.

Basic Requirements of this position:

  1. Current MDE elementary teaching license
  2. Proven success in providing instructional and non-instructional support in school or related situations
  3. Experience in elementary education (preferably as an elementary teacher)
  4. Experience in and champion of Montessori principles
  5. Experience working with diverse ethnic groups

Highly Desirable Qualifications for this position: Holds at least one Montessori certificate from either AMI or AMS

Major Responsibilities:
(Responsibilities are not limited to the following and the position supervisor may modify responsibilities as needed.)

The Classroom Teacher is Responsible for:

  1. Possessing a current teacher license of the State of Minnesota
  2. Seeking Montessori training/certification
  3. Implementing and updating the basic and enriched Montessori curriculum; evaluating materials and working to improve curriculum so it meets the needs of students
  4. Maintaining current student performance level information
  5. Assigning appropriate additional or alternative studies to students either not meeting or exceeding expectations
  6. Keeping accurate and concise records
  7. Maintaining work portfolios
  8. Establishing personal classroom procedures
  9. Ordering teaching materials within the classroom budget
  10. Working with parent volunteers; coordinating teaching partners (paid and/or volunteer)
  11. Reporting all education-related activities or variances to the Mentor/Lead Teacher and/or the Director
  12. Contributing to a healthy learning environment by modeling behavioral expectations for social interactions
  13. Developing professionally by participating in workshops, in-services and staff development opportunities, staff meetings, serving on committees and attending special events
  14. Facilitating appropriate student supervision and guidance as assigned or needed in the classroom as well as outside the school
  15. Understanding and fulfilling all aspects of school policies and procedures as outlined in the NDMA Handbook
  16. Working together to maintain a collegial atmosphere in and out of the classroom.
  17. Taking advantage of technology opportunities for skill advancement
  18. Performing other duties and assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Director
  19. Maintaining appropriate communication with stakeholders – Director, Board of Directors, students, families, fellow staff members, authorizer, and community members
  20. Maintaining a sense of trust and security
  21. Creating a positive school climate using the Montessori philosophy


To apply for the Classroom Teacher position, please complete the form in the link below. You’ll be asked to include a copy of your résumé at the end of this form. Thank you for your interest.

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Disclaimer: This position description is intended to describe the major responsibilities of the position. Conditions may exist that are not addressed.  The supervisor has the right and responsibility to assign different duties as are needed to ensure the purpose of the position is addressed completely.