Employment – Executive Director


Position Title: Executive Director / Head of School 

Reports to: Board of Directors 

Supervisory Level: The Executive Director is the Head of School in the Montessori tradition and provides system-wide leadership for all operational and instructional staff. 

Purpose of Position: The Executive Director / Head of School will be responsible for the general administration and supervision of all CMS programs, including building and grounds. 

Limits of Authority: Monitor and administer instructional programs, building and organizational operations within the vision, core values, and policies approved by the Board of Directors.

Participates as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board. 

Basic Requirements of this position:

  1. Current MDE elementary teaching license (MDE elementary principal’s license is highly desirable)
  2. Proven success in providing instructional and non-instructional support in school or related situations
  3. Experience in elementary education (preferably as a teacher and administrator)
  4. Experience in and champion of Montessori principles
  5. Experience working with minority groups
  6. Experience and education in organizational leadership
  7. Experience in support services: human resources, financial management, legal and compliance management; effective communication; and community relationships
  8. facility operations, marketing, etc. 
  9. Experience in project management

Highly Desirable Qualifications for this position:

  1. Holds a current Minnesota principal’s license through BOSA or has completed graduate level coursework toward a principal’s license, specifically coursework in Minnesota school finance
  2. Holds at least one Montessori certificate from either AMI or AMS

Major Responsibilities: (Responsibilities are not limited to the following and the position supervisor may modify responsibilities as needed.) 

Administers instructional and non-instructional programs, including planning, organization, measurement, and evaluation: 

  1. Oversee the management of finance, marketing, food service, facility operations, human resources, computer information systems, transportation, policy development, endowment fund, legal compliance, and other support services. 
  2. Recommend for approval all staff hiring, position modifications, resignations, staff evaluations, discipline, and terminations.  
  3. Provide work assignments for staff and direct their activities.
  4. Provide and implement programs for staff development, staff coaching, and parent education. 
  5. Advise the Board of Directors of employees’ compliance with contractual obligations. 
  6. Provide a backup if it is necessary to be out of the building. 
  7. Recommend policies and develop procedures to facilitate safe, secure worksite. 
  8. Participate in the Board of Directors annual strategic planning process, soliciting input from staff. 
  9. Complete, in a timely manner, records and reports required by agencies or the Board of Directors. 
  10. Act on high-impact and urgent requests made by staff, parents, and Board of Directors. 
  11. Oversee effective functioning of all standing Board Committees.

Manage legal and compliance requirements:

  1. Maintain necessary school records, local, county, state aid and federal reports, personnel records, reports by supervisors, administrators, teachers and other employees.
  2. Initiate contact and dialogue with legal counsel when appropriate and necessary.

Manage Human Resources:

  1. Recommend employees for appointment, demotion, transfer or dismissal in accordance with State law and the policies and contracts of the School Board.
  2. Transfer personnel from one assignment to another without Board approval if no change in rank or if not in violation of adopted personnel policies, but all such transfers shall be reported to the Board.

Provides Facility and Operations Management: 

  1. Administer the procurement process for all expenditures. 
  2. Collaborate with CMS Business Manager to complete and submit the Lease Aid application to MDE Program Finance prior to the annual deadline. 
  3. Act as liaison between the Board of Directors and landlords regarding facility maintenance, concerns and/or needs. 
  4. Establish procedures for safe operations of the school. 
  5. Coordinate fire drills, lockdowns, weather drills, and train staff and students on drill procedures. 
  6. Coordinate and monitor student transportation. 
  7. Coordinate contract renewal and timely submission of annual report with authorizer.  

Establishes a professional relationship with staff, board, families, business partners, and the communities CMS serves: 

  1. Create and maintain professional rapport with staff, board, families, business partners, and with members of the community. 
  2. Communicate with the Board Chair regularly about the needs, successes, and general operations of the school. 
  3. Serve as the primary liaison between the school, social, tribal, and law enforcement agencies. 
  4. Develop and direct a comprehensive program of public relations. 
  5. Apply legal discretion with the handling of confidential matters. 

Manages the budget: 

  1. Plan and develop budgets with appropriate staff for recommendation to the Board Finance Committee. 
  2. Contribute to the financial stability of CMS through creative and effective formulation of the budget. 
  3. Monitor and maintain the Board approved budget. 
  4. Direct the selection and submission of all grants and recommend to the Board of Directors. 

Provides Special Education Coordination: 

  1. Work with the Special Education Director in program evaluation to assure the needs of students with disabilities are being met. 
  2. Provide Monitoring and Compliance oversight (with the Director of Special Education). 
  3. Work with the Business Manager and Special Education Director on required fiscal policies, inventory and procurement. 
  4. Oversee Third Party Billing (with SPED Forms). 
  5. Provide Special Education staff training. 
  6. Work with the Special Education Director to recruit Related Service Providers. 
  7. Work with social workers and mental health providers to establish relationships with community support outside of school. 

Disclaimer: This position description is intended to describe the major responsibilities of the position. Conditions may exist that are not addressed.  The supervisor has the right and responsibility to assign different duties as are needed to ensure the purpose of the position is addressed completely.


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Disclaimer: This position description is intended to describe the major responsibilities of the position. Conditions may exist that are not addressed.  The supervisor has the right and responsibility to assign different duties as are needed to ensure the purpose of the position is addressed completely.