For school year 23/24, Creekstone Montessori School will offer both a tuition-based preschool program (3-4 years) and a tuition-free, public elementary program Grades K-7.

2022-2023 Preschool/Early Childhood Program Tuition Costs:

Half Day (8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.): $475/mo or $4275/year

Full Day (8:00 a.m. – 2: 15 p.m.): $725/mo or $6526/year

**Preschool tuition costs are determined by school budget allowances and are, therefore, subject to change.

Creekstone Montessori School is a new Montessori charter school, located in Red Wing, MN, authorized by Minnesota Department of Education to serve children ages 3 years old-Grade 8 at one primary enrollment site.  Creekstone currently serves 90 enrolled children – 16, of which, are enrolled in a tuition-based instructional preschool program (ages 3-5) and the remaining 74 children enrolled in tuition-free, public grades K-6. Creekstone serves a vast array of diverse students and is committed to provide Montessori education to any student, regardless of socio-economic and academic status.  We will continue to actively recruit children demographically underrepresented in our community.  Creekstone Montessori School’s mission from the start was to provide the proven method of Montessori education to a broader range of students and families within the Red Wing community, enhancing this beloved town, and our mission stands true today.

 MDE’s authorization for CMS to operate as a public charter school has enabled us with the ability to provide tuition-free Montessori education to K-8 students, however the state and federal funding that CMS currently receives does not provide assistance for preschool-aged children. We deeply value pre-k education and believe it is essential in providing not only an authentic Montessori, multi-age learning community, but also in feeding our elementary and middle school programs.  We are committed to making the preschool program more accessible and equitable. Creekstone Montessori School will continually prioritize seeking opportunities to provide scholarships and equitable opportunities to help ensure accessibility to Montessori education to all who seek this form of education

It is our mission to ensure Montessori education is available to all students regardless of their economic status and believe this form of education meets the needs of all children.  There is overwhelming evidence that Montessori education can eliminate socio-economic achievement gaps.  This finding is compelling for Red Wing, where disparities definitely exist across racial and socio-economic lines.  We will ensure that our preschool program is composed of a vast array of student populations, including those underrepresented in our community. We are eager to see this education model, in its full capacity, benefit students from all socio-economic backgrounds. 

Creekstone is thrilled to report that we have secured limited preschool tuition scholarship funds for the 2023-2024 academic year. Scholarship eligibility requirements, application procedures, and award notification processes are all provided in Creekstone Policy 704 – Preschool Tuition Scholarship (posted below).

TO APPLY: If eligible to receive scholarship funding, please complete and electronically submit the online Preschool Scholarship Application Form beginning February 15, 2023.

1) Beginning February 15, a separate Preschool Enrollment Application Form located at must be completed & electronically submitted.
2) Be sure to submit all other required scholarship application documents as listed in Policy 304.
3) Although there is no official preschool enrollment/scholarship closing date, please promptly submit all required materials, as we anticipate distribution of scholarship funds and meeting program capacity to go quickly. Thank you.

 Questions? Contact Kelsie: or call (651) 327-2468

A Special Thank You to our partner, Jones Family Foundation, for granting 2023-2024 scholarship funding to the Creekstone Community and for their persevering work providing equitable opportunities for so many. We are grateful.