Request for Quote for Assistance with Fair and Open Hiring of All Staff Positions

Creekstone Montessori School

The Creekstone Montessori School (CMS) Board is requesting quotes from qualified vendors or individuals to assist with the Fair and Open Hiring process of all staff positions for our new Charter School opening in the fall of 2022. All positions have been posted using EdPost MN, the CMS website, the Red Wing Republican Eagle newspaper, and our official bulletin board. Applications are currently being submitted electronically through the CMS website.

We are requesting quotes for the following services to assist Creekstone Montessori School in achieving and ensuring a FAIR & OPEN hiring practice for all staff positions:

  1. Provide independent evaluation of all applicants for each staff position in the following priority order:
    a. Executive Director – 1
    b. Administrative Assistant – 1
    c. Classroom teachers – 6
    d. Classroom Assistants – 6
    e. Classroom Aides – 2
  2. Fully vet all applicants including verification of licensure and certifications, academic credentials, work history and references.
  3. Conduct preliminary interviews and make recommendations of finalists for the Executive Director to the Creekstone Montessori Board for their interview.
  4. Organize a set of structured questions to be used in the Board interviews of finalists.
  5. Develop a rubric to be used by the board in evaluating and selecting the top finalist.
  6. Facilitate and monitor the board interviews of Executive Director finalists.
  7. Make recommendations to the Executive Director for finalist to be considered for all classroom teachers and support staff positions.
  8. Work with the Executive Director to provide structured interviews for all finalists.
  9. Make recommendations for employment to the Creekstone Board
  10. Provide ongoing consultation on startup processes and procedures to the Creekstone Board and Executive Director leading to a successful school opening in the fall of 2022.

Submitted quotes should contain:

  1. A description of your organization, including the names of key personnel that will assist.
  2. Prior experience providing such services
  3. A description of the deliverables that will result from your services
  4. Fee schedule

Quotes can be submitted by email to or mailed to:

Creekstone Montessori School
PO Box 396
Red Wing, MN 55066

Quotes must be received by 05/20/2022