Welcome to Creekstone Montessori School!

Creekstone Montessori School (CMS), located in beautiful Red Wing, Minnesota, is a new public charter school that currently offers a tuition-based preschool program (3 – 5 years) and a free K-6 program. CMS plans to expand and serve Grades 7 in 2023-2024 and Grades 8 the following year. We take great pride in providing an authentic Montessori learning option for students and families in Red Wing, Minnesota and beyond.

Mission Statement: Creekstone Montessori School’s mission is to provide a learning environment that embraces a child’s natural desire to learn and to empower all children to grow to their full, social, academic, and emotional potential through Montessori principles and methods of education. Our purpose is simple: to inspire a lifelong passion for learning and build the foundations for profound respect towards humanity and the natural world.

2023-2024 Open Enrollment Applications

2023-2024 K-7 Open Enrollment has started! K-7 Enrollment is being held February 15 – March 1, 2023.

Preschool (AGES 3-4) open enrollment has started and will remain open until program needs have been met.

Questions? Email: enrollment@creekstonemontessori.org or Phone: (651) 327-2468

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Our vision is to construct an eco-friendly and sustainable home for this amazing nonprofit charter school in Red Wing, MN. Any donation will help in making this vision come true.