About Us

Creekstone Montessori School will open its doors in Fall 2022 as a new charter school located in Red Wing, Minnesota. Creekstone Montessori School was granted approval in August 2021 from the Minnesota Department of Education to open a new charter school. We formally executed a contract with an Authorizer, MOChA, who will provide required oversight of our school’s setup and future operations.

In addition, we are currently working to secure a facility located in Red Wing, MN.

Mission: to provide a learning environment that embraces a child’s natural desire to learn and to empower all children to grow to their full social, academic, and emotional potential through Montessori principles and methods of education.

Purpose: to inspire a lifelong passion for learning and build the foundations for profound respect towards humanity and the natural world.

Charter schools are tuition-free, independent public schools that welcome all students, no matter ability, need or background.